M:ck (Mick) is a Italy-based visual designer and audio enthusiast.

Since the early 90's he has established a deep connection with the underground side of Perugia, in particular at the legendary Red Zone club (1989-2015), widely regarded as the authentic warehouse-style house venue in Italy.

Alongside of visuals and graphic design activity, M:ck has always loved high fidelity, creative recording and sound design.

In 1995 he published www.mickmusicpage.net, a personal website about his musical mentors and the origins of a crucial instrument for recorded music presentation: the iconic rotary disco mixer. The collected informations are credited among the first to appearing on the web, establishing a reference for passionates about obscure technological aspects of modern DJ culture and renewing the enthusiasm for non-linear faders DJ mixers. The website also becomes a reference for some audio companies that will implement new products inspired by almost forgotten vintage audio gear.

As video artist he's focused on non-commercial video performances driven by exploration of interactions between visuals and musical program. Visuals are composed and synthesized in realtime using variuos sources as short granular video fragments, generative graphics and analog signals.

Of course, he also loves to play records.

He performs in exhibitions, festivals and club events.